Monday, March 8, 2010


Crossing the midline (imaginary line down the center of the body from head to toes) is an important skill for children to develop which helps their brains learn to communicate between the left and right sides. Here is a good article on this. These are some streamers I made using scrap ribbon, chopsticks, and a large wooden craft bead. I just stuck the ribbon through the bead, and then pushed the bead onto the chopstick until it wouldn't go any further. We have started using these when we sing different songs. Today we used them with Wheels on the Bus and crossed our midlines when we steered and pretended to be windshield wipers. Well, actually Q stared at me like I was crazy while I performed these actions with the ribbons. Right now she just likes to drag them around the house and tease the cat with them. But I have just started introducing them and know over time she will learn to use them in different ways!
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