Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paint up that baby!

Last week Quinn reminded me of an activity we used to do a lot when she was a baby! Last Friday we were at her Mimi's preschool visiting the lamb and bunny and Quinn found a paintbrush in the PreK room and started "painting" her face.

When she was an infant, I used to take a paintbrush and gently stroke her face and tell her the names of the parts--nose, cheeks, ears, etc. Sometimes I even did this in our bathroom with my blush brush or toothbrush!

I read a suggestion in a book recently that you could even pretend to paint different colors on the baby and say things like:

"I am paint some blue polka dots on your toes!"

"I am giving you stripes on your elbows!"

"I am painting your ears blue!"

A paintbrush would be a good "emergency item" to throw in a purse or diaper bag for those crazy times you have to keep an infant or toddler occupied on the spur of the moment while waiting somewhere!
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