Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Babies love their fans!

This idea came from BABY DAYS and I embelished on it a bit....

Everyone knows babies love fans! What about staging a fan for their entertainment!
The illustration above shows a stick with ribbons tied on it in front of the fan.
You could also tape ribbons on a ceiling fan set to "low speed."
You could hang a windchime in the path of the breeze so it would make it tinkle...even jingle bells hung on thread or lightweight string.
A windsock might be fun, too!
The book also suggests hanging balloons, pinwheels, feathers, crepe paper....just make sure you are smart about it and don't get a balloon stuck in your fan blades and ruin the motor....your honey would NOT be happy! :)
Love this simple, free activity that would be intriguing to little ones!
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