Monday, January 23, 2012

Wax shaving Hearts

This is a project we used to do as kids with my dad (except we didn't cut hearts...just plain ole rectangles....). He had an old iron used for waxing skis that he'd get out and I can still smell the warm wax smell in my nose right now as I think about it. Mmmmm. Makes me want to hit the slopes. :) Anyhow....

Quinn and I made some hearts this morning. She really enjoyed it and it was easy and fairly quick!

First we sharpened crayons (wonderful fine motor for older preschoolers!!!). I let her choose two crayons at a time so the colors melted together nicely. To many colors tends to turn black or brown. She tried the sharpener a bit, but it was hard for her to put enough pressure on the crayon while she turned, so I did most of the sharpening. You can also run a crayon over a cheese grater if you don't have a sharpener.

Then I cut hearts out out of wax paper--two of each heart for a top and bottom.

We stacked up about 8 sheets of paper from our scrap box, laid down one wax heart, sprinkled it with the shavings, topped it with the second heart and 2-3 more pieces of paper and ironed it!
We were left with these beauties!! Now to decide where they'll hang!

By the way, after all of this lovliness Q threw a big tantrum about some random thing, so she spent a cool down time in her room and heart-making came to an abrupt halt. :)
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