Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Quinn painted some wooden snowflakes (bought at Hobby Lobby) with watercolors for her brother last week. I poked little holes in them and hung them with some wired twine. He loves watching them dance over his head and bat at them. I try to keep them high enough they won't go to his mouth since they're painted. I have a wooden ring on a ribbon that DOES reach to his mouth for him to gum on. He has now mastered enough motor control of his arms (and visual perception, as well) to be able to reach toward objects that interest him. These snowflakes help encourage him to "fine tune" his grabbing and reaching skills.
We are enjoying changing out the objects on Beck's playgym to give him something new and stimulating to gaze up at! Quinn enjoys helping with this, of course! It gives her a great opportunity to be involved in caring for her brother.

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