Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Quinn, my 3 year old, is LOVING scarves right now. Both her playsilks and also some smaller scarves. I have out a basket with different types--a woven winter scarf, some silky neck scarves, and even a long silky belt. She loves making them into clothes, tying them around her waist or wearing them like the wrap I wear baby Beck in. She also ties them on her stroller, wraps them around her babies, etc. Obviously this is a toy we don't let her have unsupervised because it could be a safety hazard. Scarves encourage her imagination in dramatic play, foster abstract representation (when she pretends the scarf is something else--dress, blanket, wrap, etc.), assist fine motor skills through knot tying, and I love the numerous opportunities they provide for open-ended play. Plus they are something I already have around the house! I change them out every now and then to give her a surprise when she goes to the scarf basket.
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