Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calendar introduction

Q got a calendar for Christmas and we started working with it a bit this month. Only as much as interested her and just in small doses. From our past calendar exercises (which never included an ACTUAL calendar--just the names of the months and days) she already knows the months and days of the week. So first I showed her where those were on the calendar. We pointed to the numbers and counted. Then we talked about what days she goes to preschool. We chose a bus icon to print and glue on school days. We drew a cross on days we go to church. We drew birthday cakes on days that are someone's bday. Sometimes we remember to cross off days after they occur. Sometimes we have to do some crossing in spurts. :) I am repeatidly showing her how a calendar works--it is a form of a graphic organizer that also helps understand how to read a simple graph, so it's an important skill. Of course not something a 3 year old should have mastered, but definitely something she is ready to be exposed to. She loves to use the calendar to count how many days until a specific event or to see what day "tomorrow" is.

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