Sunday, January 29, 2012

Collage Compartments

Here is some College Art I put out today in Q's playroom. She can bring the tray to the table when she wants to do a little art! I put the glue in a baby food jar and she can use a paint brush to apply.
The idea is from the Wonder Years blog. I love that it uses things I have in the house--you can put any objects in your muffin tin. I tried to go by color--two compartments of each color of the rainbow. I used (top to bottom, left to right): cut up red felt scraps, red tissue paper squares, orange Eifel Tower pastas, nutmeg, yellow pom poms, yellow popcorn kernels, green lentils, crushed and dried mint, blue pasta wheels, assorted feathers, white cotton balls, and brown mulling spices.

We made a college together today so I could teach her how to use the objects. I spread glue in a heart and she placed and chose the objects. We made this for her great grandparents, and she insisted in writing "Thank you for going to the doctor" on it. :) Cute.

Looking forward to seeing her creativity when she does some independent collaging this week!
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