Friday, January 6, 2012

Beck's spot

I rearranged the playroom to make an area for Beck. He had a little spot before, but it wasn't working out because I couldn't see him from the kitchen. Often playtimes coincide with me making meals or cleaning up, and I needed a spot that was better for keeping an eye on him. I also wanted to give him some shelf space. I went through all my teaching books and weeded out a bunch, emptying a higher shelf for Quinn. Beck inherited two shelves on the right side of this lower unit. His shelves include a book, two baskets with a few age-appropriate toys, and a large jingly spider toy. I also put a mirror on the wall and a soft quilt for him to roll around on. Since this is kinda the doorway into the room I wanted his playmat to be movable when he wasn't using it. I am also going to move his mobile stand in and change out mobiles frequently.

This is a great place for propping up a book and providing a choice of two toys for him to wiggle forward and get!

He LOVES cooing to the handsome baby in the mirror!!
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