Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two bears and a bobcat....
A winter book we are enjoying. It has a little bird on different places throughout each page. Q loves to "find the bird." This is an early literacy skill that teaches children that each page stays with the same main theme in books. Mercer Mayer books are great for having spiders or crickets on each page....Also it teaches Q to look closely at each page, which will later turn into closely examining features of letters and words. It allows her pride as she "reads" the book in her own way!
I checked out some "forest-ish" books from the library and keep them on the top shelf of the bookshelf for us to read and take picture-walks through together. I included both fiction and nonfiction to expose Q to both genres.
I used a piece of a tree trunk (found it by some neighbor's curb when we were out running and toted that thing home!!) I put little felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching. It is a little seat for Q to read some animal books kept in the basket.
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