Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEVER THROW AWAY AN EMPTY SOAP DISPENSER!! they can be repurposed as teaching tools! Two ways I use them:
-in the bath. I fill them up with water and have been teaching Q how to pump the water out of them. We also shake them up and bubbles form on the inside from the tiny remnants of soap still clinging to the bottom.
-as a tablework* activity--fill dispenser with water, put a washcloth inside a cake pan (spread out flat to keep soap dispenser from sliding around as child pushes on it), show child how to hold dispenser with one hand and push down on top with the other. As they get the hang of it, supply a small bowl and see if they can direct the water into the bowl (all of this stays in cake pan to keep from getting water all over the place....)
-could also be used outside!

This activity helps children learn how to integrate the use of both hands, encourages motor skills and introduces early science as they begin experiencing properties of liquids.

In the above photo I drew a face on an old bathroom soap dispenser. Makes it more fun. :)

*(tablework is any activity that is kept on a shelf and taken to a table to be completed....)
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