Thursday, January 7, 2010

Q loves taking things out of a wipes box and putting them back in again. Toddlers love to open/close and taking items in/out. I had a new container in mind to use this month, but she is still loving the wipes box, so we stuck with it. I used some pieces from a couple different animal puzzles that were forest animals. There is a snake, an owl, a rabbit, and a chipmunk peg puzzle pieces. I also included a larger wooden black bear. It does not fit easily in and out of the box and Q has to do some manipulating to fit him in and out. I wanted this to help her learn how to manipulate objects, as this will likely help her learn to manipulate puzzle pieces.
The shape sorter stays...still working on getting her to twist and turn the shapes to fit them in the holes. She likes taking the lid off to put them in and out.
We kept her Itsy Bitsy Spider by Annie Kubler out, as she got a spider glove puppet for Christmas!! We sing the song and I wear the puppet. She is not into putting it on her hand yet, but loves for me to do it. Soon I know she will be ready to wear it herself! We have begun to talk about the body parts of the spider and will count his (or her?) legs.....We have seen some spiders outside and talk about how they are like the spider in our song.
We continue to work on the large peg puzzle.....