Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picnic Wednesday

Every Wednesday (well, most...) we have "Picnic Wednesday." Sometimes if we're busy on Wednesday or it's super yucky outside (we're tough, so it has to be pretty much pouring) we have to bump it a day or two, but we are pretty faithful picnicers. Why? It gives us a chance to have a relaxed meal, lets us enjoy being outside, and it is fun! We have had picnic Wednesday at parks, playgrounds, restaurants that seat outside, our kitchen floor, and often our backyard--either on a blanket in the grass or at our picnic table.
I make it easy, so don't go envisioning a cute little wicker picnic basket with matching plates, napkins and silverware, a gingham tablecloth and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Nope. We don't even do sandwiches. I throw some stuff into a bag along with some paper plates and we go to town. This means we usually eat pretty healthy, though! We usually bring a couple different fruits and veggies which we cut/peel at our picnic location. Pretzels (just bring the big bag and dole em out to places), hummus, pickles, cheese, yogurt....yum! We also bring our Nalgene water bottles. When I get home I just shove everything back into the pantry or fridge and feel happy I didn't spend money or the earth's resources on thrown-away plastic bags. :)
Sometimes we bring books to read on the blanket when we're done. Sometimes we look at the clouds. I usually try not to bring play "stuff" because that teaches Q that she needs to always have "things" around to entertain her. So our buckets and shovels and bikes stay home. We just enjoy whatever is available...pinecones, sticks, rocks...this often leads us to see them in new light and find fun games to try, like throwing sweetgum balls off the top of the timbertown!
Make your own Picnic _______.
(this is the inside of our bag last week at our picnic--wheat thins, pretzels, hummus, peanut butter, yogurt, tangerines and an avocado)

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