Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two books....

These are two books recommended in "Great Books." All of Baby is cute, but Q was not very interested at this point. Too many things on each page. We have been practicing pointing to the different body parts on the pages, though. One Little Spoonful is also very busy and the action does not change much (in the illustration) from page to page. I think both of these are a little above Q's head. Might retry them at a later point. We will reread All of Baby a few more times this week, though, as I like to stretch her listening comprehension and am also exposing her to non-board books. She has already enjoyed turning "real" pages! These books also seem very large to her. I may let her do some supervised carrying of them (they are library books so gotta be careful!) to see if she notices they are much larger than her board books.
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