Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sensory Tub

Sensory tubs are a must for toddlers and preschoolers! There are so many fabulous choices of materials and the tubs can range from a small dishpan to a wading pool in size! At the farmer's market last weekend Q played in a tub of cracked corn, which was a huge hit! I decided to duplicate at home. For about $8 we got a 50# bag of cracked corn (corn chops!) to fill her wading pool. A management tip is to always put some fabric (a rug, beach towel, etc) under the tub to minimize the mess of spill overs bouncing EVERYWHERE! In this case sine the pool will stay outside, I put a big tablecloth under the cracked corn to reduce static electricity from corn rubbing the plastic and to help catch corn from spilling over the side. Q wants to sit INSIDE the pool and play, which is just fine! We have wooden utensils (from the dollar store) and some metal pans (gifts from Grandmas), a terra cotta pot, and a couple of funnels. Also, eating the cracked corn (sure to happen with a 13 month-old) isn't an issue because it won't hurt her. I am always a bit hesitant about her eating sand because who knows what cat may have visited it. Yuck.
When she finishes playing we cover the pool with a tarp and tuck under the edges.
The corn goes nicely with our fall vocabulary words and theme. Another sensory plus--it smells lovely and sounds so beautiful when the kernels fall out of an upturned hand or a dumping pot. Try it, you'll love it!
When you are finished, the birds and squirrels will love you!

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