Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dress-up rack

...Stumbled on an old display piece at a gift store that they were selling for a steal! (my opinion, not necessarily Matt's...)
Q has become most interested in necklaces and purses, so it was perfect timing! I have out a purse and a few choices of necklaces as well as a little pair of sunglasses and a scarf.

I have a whole drawer of dress-up items saved for her (thank you, Mimi, for lots of fun old jewelery!), but I try to give her just a few choices at a time. This allows her to focus on just a few skills (putting on sunglasses, putting on/taking off necklaces, opening/closing purse, etc.) at a time and keeps her from becoming overwhelmed. Best of all, she can actually complete most of the clean-up involved with only my verbal direction. I believe (based in much research...) that children don't benefit one bit from having an adult clean up after them because it is "too much" for them to do on their own. Instead, I prefer to put out few enough items that they can be successful on their own. Also, instead of ransacking the items to take a stock of everything available, only offering a few items leads to longer, more involved play!

All of the items are placed at her level, of course!!
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