Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Work Shelf

Some items on the November shelf are new and some will already be familiar! I often try to keep some work Q has not yet explored fully or things she really enjoyed, and will typically change out about half of the items. That leaves some familiar things and also some exciting new work. I forgot to take an individual picture of the wipes container (far left) filled with wooden blocks. She is enjoying opening and closing and removing and adding the blocks. This is practical life skill work, as well, since we ask her to open the wipes container and hand us wipes when we change her diapers. If possible, if I do leave objects for a 2nd month, I often try to move them to a new spot on the shelf. For the corn this wasn't possible as they hang out and get stepped on and crunched all over the floor if they go to a different spot.

I wanted to find a cornocopia (how the heck do you spell that!!???) as I had some plastic vegetables to put in, but never came across one. I am fine waiting for next year for this. Might even stumble on one after the holidays for a bargain clearance price. Right now Q's biggest interests are climbing, walking around and dragging/carrying items, so I am not going overboard on the particular materials out as work. She is really enjoying trying to figure out how to get up in a chair (even her little chairs) with a piece of work or a book. I can see her little mind at work problem-solving as she tries to achieve this task!
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