Monday, November 2, 2009

October Work in our learning room

Here is the work I put out for October. For our 13-month-old's curriculum, I choose to primarily make relevant, developmentally appropriate materials available for her to learn as she explores. We do a VERY short lap reading time every day (as often as we are able), but she has just mastered walking, so her big mission in life is to GOOOOOO! She will come back to an interest in sitting and learning as walking becomes old news, but for now she does her learning on the move, and this is okay!

Everything in our Learning Room is at her level (except for hanging branch and where noted) so she can touch, carry, explore and manipulate. I try to use natural objects (as opposed to plastic) as much as possible, though I obviously sometimes include valueable plastic items when necessary (window clings, plastic spiders, etc.)

She has a rocking chair and a little table/chairs available for book reading.

We decorated her tree branch with fall leaves and a black cat chime.
Of course we also need a crow!
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