Monday, November 2, 2009

Display shelves

The bottom two (at her level) shelves of our learning room bookshelf are Q's. The higher one has photos of our dog and cat. Yes, they have real glass in them. We choose to teach her how to handle fragile objects "gently" instead of limiting her exposure to them. However, they are also placed at a low level so that if they were accidently dropped, they would probably survive.
The bottom shelf contains three stuff animals for her to carry around. These are changed each month when new "work" is put out for Q.

We call Q's items out in the learning room "work" because they are just that--her work! The job of a 13-month old is to play, play, play, and thus her work is all her toys! We borrow this from the montessori philosophy. Right now she doesn't give a hoot what it's called, but as she gets into toddler-hood and preschooler days, she will feel very important when she uses her "work." Additionally when we are telling her not to touch something--ie: my camera, we say, "Don't touch--Mommy's work" so she learns which things are hers and which are ours and require permission for using. We will respect her "work" the same way over time!
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