Monday, August 27, 2012

Simple Baby Rattle

I was putting together a little gift to mail to a sweet 2-month-old friend of ours last week and took this picture.  This is a very simple rattle perfect for little ones just learning to hold and refine movement of their large muscles (arms).  It's made from a long wooden macreme noddle (bought at Hob Lob), 2 jingle bells and some embroidery floss.  I tied it super-securely, as it is definitely destined for some mouth visits! 

This rattle is a great first toy for babies because it isn't overstimulating--many rattles combine different textures, different "rattly objects" and different colors all in one rattle.  This is often too much sensory input for very young babies who are first learning to explore the world through their senses.

It can be lifted, moved, twisted, lightly shaken, and explored by a very young baby. 
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