Friday, August 31, 2012

Books on CD

We are enjoying the Candlewick Press READ, LISTEN, and WONDER series a crazy bunch!  You can, of course, purchase it, but we've been checking out the different titles from the library.  I am noticing there are some titles that are not shown in this above photo (via amazon) that we've also checked out, so there are more out there. 

We don't do any television/dvds/movies with our kiddos at this point, not even on car rides, so we've had to get creative to keep Quinn entertained on long drives.  Books on cd work perfectly!  She loves them so much that she also listens to them on her bedroom cd player as she falls asleep and even in the car on shorter trips--as the cd's are pretty short. 

I particularly love this series because they are primarily non-fiction.  Traditionally most books on cd are fiction, so this is a nice change.  It's important to expose young children to good quality non-fiction so they begin to learn its features, and these are a very good quality example!

Listening to the cds repeatedly builds comprehension and fluency.  Also the vocabulary in the stories is exceptional--lots of scientific vocabulary.  I have heard Quinn internalizing and using many of these words in her everyday conversations after she's learned them in the stories after hearing them read dozens of times.  Remember that children can comprehend something much more difficult if they hear it auditorily--even things they might not be able read/write/or say themselves.  This is a great reason to use books on cd with kids.  They also build concentration, understanding of plot elements, and are just plain enjoyable!

We've also checked out the complete series of Curious George, as well as a smattering of other titles as we come across them at the library.  We own several fairy tale/folk tale sets as well.

I highly recommend using books on cd with older toddlers and preschoolers...