Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Acts 8: 26-40 Bible Lesson

We skipped ahead a little bit (we'll go back and catch a couple intermediary stories the next two weeks) to the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian man.  As always we find the story in the Children's Bible and read it to start off our week.  Then we use hands-on objects to connect to the story.

For this story we use a play horse and a trailer "cart" we rounded up in our toys.  We also happened to have a peg man with black skin that works out perfect.  Quinn has a cousin and a soon-to-be-adopted good friend that are both from Ethiopia, so this lesson was immediately one of her favorites.  We also made a Phillip.  We have an angel somewhere we've been looking for (from our nativity set I made) and until it turns up we're just pretending an angel is there.  We act out the story with the objects.  I made a little scroll with Isaiah 53:5-7 on it that we unroll for the man to read, and we talk about what this passage means and that it is about Jesus. 

Then of course the best part is the baptism.  Quinn has even baptized the horse.  :)
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