Monday, August 27, 2012

Ocean Songs and Fingerplays

Q and I worked last week on decorating our lyric cards for our ocean songs and fingerplays.  Beck is super into bees right now, as well, so we also included some Bee items.  I typed out the words and we glued those one one side of the card, and then Q and I worked together to illustrate the other side.  I then laminated the cards.  Here is a picture of a few of them.  We keep them in a basket, ready to go for song/fingerplay time!  They are great because they provide emergent literacy experiences for Q--she can tell by the illustration what song is being represented.  And it reminds me of all the songs we can sing!  Otherwise I tend to freeze up when we sit down to sing and I can't think of anything relevant!  And Beck just enjoys throwing them out of their basket and onto the floor.  :)
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