Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speaking in Tongues--Acts 2

After spending a week talking about the Holy Spirit coming down on the apostles as flames of fire, we moved on to talk about how the Holy Spirit caused the apostles to speak in all different languages to the people who were in Jerusalem.  To help illustrated this concept, I made some cards.  Each card has a country's flag on it and the word they use in their language for "Jesus."  I chose countries that are meaningful to Quinn--we have friends from Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and Japan.  Q's cousin and a soon-to-be new baby friend are from Ethiopia.  Aunt Meg lives in Germany, and Matt and I got engaged in France (she knows the story.)  I chose to draw the flags myself with colored pencil to give them a handmade element, rather than printing them out.  There is something nice about teacher-created (mommy-created) materials.....

We have played some memory games with the cards and we also just read them and talk about the friend they represent.  And of course the miracle that it would be if someone could speak all these languages at once!
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