Saturday, May 12, 2012

Easter Season rewind....the last supper.

(I blurred the faces of the kids who aren't mine....)

Here are two pictures of our "Last Supper" reinaction we did the Thursday before

Easter with some friends at a small park near our house. Everyone brought a few "people" from home and we found rocksand sticks to use to represent the wine and bread. One of the older
kids read the story out of a children's Bible and we used the little people and objects to act out the story.
Then we had made some unleavened bread the night before, so we broke bread together and drank grape juice and talked about what the elements symbolize. The best part was that the cat refused to get off the table--every time I threw him down he jumped up again.  So we continued on with our communion around the cat lounging front and center. Of course one of the kids spilled their entire cup of grape juice which caused a long pause as we searched for paper towels to mop it up. And amongst all the cat-ness and juice-spillage and fighting about who got the biggest piece of bread, and Disney Princess figures pretending to be disciples, there was an undeniable sense of holiness watching our kids commune together and reflect, as much as they can understand, on Christ's sacrifice. And somehow I think our reinaction might have more closely reflected the scene at the "First" communion than the "neat and tidy" one of da Vinci. Maybe minus the cat......But that's just my opinion. :)

Here are the "disciples" gathered together to share the "wine" and the "bread."
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