Monday, May 21, 2012

Science for babies--colander full of "stuff"

Which big sis and I did kitchen school this morning I gave B his school work, too.  I had prepared a colander with different items for him to explore on the tile.  Some wood, some metal, some plastic, some rubber....the goal was for him to notice how the different objects reacted on the hard tile floor.  Some make a loud clanging sound and some make a soft thud.  I showed him briefly how to hit the objects against the floor and then I left him to explore on his own.  He did so for about 5 minutes and then crawled off to check out some dirt on the floor and a stray pine needle.  Several other times during the day I sat him down in front of his work and he explored again.  Having a set of carefully chosen objects for baby to explore is a simple, gentle way to teach your baby!
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