Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Corner

Here is what the "baby corner" of our playroom looks like right now:
This shelf holds a basket of "stuff" he's enjoying right now--small potato masher, old cordless phone, bottlecaps strung together, a couple soft books, etc.  There are also his jars filled with various objects and a book I am currently reading to him because it says, "goodbye" a lot and he is learning to wave when we say "goodbye."

This shelf holds a basket with 3 board books, a basket of laminated photos of babies, a wooden egg and cup, and a peg puzzle.  He, of course, isn't able to put the puzzle together, but is instead working on taking the pieces OUT. 

In front of his mirror are some larger objects.  A wobble apple (one of my baby toys!!), a wooden ball tower from Melissa and Doug,

a wooden basket with 3 pieces from another puzzle for him to practice dumping,

(but mostly crawl around banging the tray on the makes a great sound!),

And his object-permanance box that Daddy made for Quinn originally.  It is beginning to teach him that objects are still there even if you can't see them (ie: when they are inside the box). 

I moved the butterfly wreath to the playroom for Beck and there is a plastic prism hanging from his mobile stand.  We removed the rugs and quilts so he can slide around on the wood floor now!  The objects on the top shelf (with the exception of the pinwheel) are all Quinn's and safely out of Beck's reach.
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