Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Acts 2-Peter speaks to the crowd

This week we are studying the story of Peter speaking to the crowd in Acts 2.  Yesterday I began by just reading the story and talking about it in our Children's Bible (we didn't find any great stories for this in any of our story versions so I used the International Children's Bible). 
Today we set up a scene for the story.  I had made a Peter figure with some wooden pieces (tutorial to come later).  We used clothespins to represent the crowd.  I love times when I can encourage Q to use her imagination to represent objects--great way to promote abstract thinking.  We spent some time standing them all up (fine motor!!) and talking about what a "crowd" is (vocabulary awareness!).  Then I read the words Peter spoke to the crowd (I picked and chose the most important parts that I knew she would understand--I definitely didn't read the whole part). 
Sidenote--I had a bowl filled with water sat out at the beginning.  I wouldn't tell Quinn what it was for--just that we'd need it for the story.  The anticipation was killing her, but she loved having a surprise to look forward to.  After reading the story I had her guess what we'd do with it.  Ummm, no...she didn't get it and I had to tell her.  But that's okay.  :)

Then we got to the part where the people had sad hearts, so Peter told them what to do.  This is our memory verse for the week!

Then we baptized the "people."  We practiced telling them that they were being baptized because they believed in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and we talked about what baptism means/is.  We also told them when they came up out of the water that the Holy Spirit lived in their hearts!

Quinn loved this!  Some of the peeps got multiple baptisms.  :)

After the Bible Story time was done, I let her play with water for a few minutes to practice dumping and pouring and scooping, since we already had the materials out. 
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