Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Play Gym

Of course Little Man needs a festive play gym! After a couple weeks of enjoying the "jewelery" decorations Quinn put up for him, he was ready for a change.

He's getting pretty active, so he's ready for several different activities on his gym. So here's what he has to do right now:

-large jingle bell hanging on pink and white ribbon
-purple beads
-red and pink tulle (he LOVES feeling this and exploring the texture!)
-buttons tied onto a wooden ring
-a wooden round piece--it's actually a piece to a wooden puzzle, but for now he's using it to teeth on
-a toy I made by threading some super large rick-rack through two plastic lids
-a cardboard heart cut out wrapped with red yarn
-wooden beads hanging from pink ribbon

Items that aren't "mouth friendly" are hung higher and provided for him to watch or reach at. He also makes things "dance" when he kicks the wooden supports of the playgym.

He is loving all his new toys!

Of course we keep a close eye on him when he works with his playgym since these items can come apart or be choking hazards.
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