Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainbow People

We have our playroom downstairs and as a result, I really don't allow many toys upstairs. Quinn tries to secretly take everythign she owns up there, but I purge a couple times a week. Her bedroom is a sleeping/resting place and I like for it to have minimal items, which also helps keep it clean.

She has a book shelf where she keeps her EIGHT Bibles (She has a bit of an obsession) and a few books. She also has a small wooden tea set, a small bucket of blocks, and a couple stuffed animals. I try to only allow items that create opportunities for open-ended pretend play. If she wakes up before me in the mornings she will play tea party or school or library or some other pretend game with her items. She also has given up napping, so her daily quiet time is spent in pretend play with these items.

I wanted to add something new and interesting to her room, but wanted it to fit my guideline of simplicity and encourage pretend play. We are beginning to study the rainbow in March, so Quinn and I made these rainbow people last week. We painted wooden peg dolls we happened to already have using permanent craft paint. Then I cut felt to make little hats and we glued a pretty bead at the top of each hat. She loves them and has already played with them so much!

When she cleans them up we stand them on her shelf in the order of the light spectrum (roygbp....okay, sorta!) We ran out of peg people and she was insistent on a pink one. But she is still picking up some science/art skills as we talk about the colors in the rainbow/light spectrum.
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