Friday, February 10, 2012

Stampy Snowman

I had a candle in a jar with a glass lid. The candle was gone so I was getting ready to throw it all away, but I wanted to find some use for the lid. It had a plastic insert in it, and then the glass handle part (imagine a candle from Yankee Candle). I put out some paint and Q had fun stamping out a snowman with it. Then we threw it away. :)

After the snowman dried, she choose some items to add--pine needle arms, bean eyes and nose, felt mouth, and popcorn buttons.

We've been doing a lot of snowman crafts lately, but Quinn is really enjoying the concept and becoming more and more independent at creating the snow creatures!

You could use any round object--jar lid, etc. Paint stamping is so much fun and oh so easy!!
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