Monday, February 20, 2012

Shared Writing

Quinn is loving to make up crazy stories these days. At lunch today she mentioned something about a jalopeno with teeth and I told her we HAD to write a story about that! Together we thought out the story line (with lots of re-direction from me to ensure it made somewhat sense...) and then we wrote it down. I paused occasionally to allow her to suggest phrases and words. "And what did you say when the jalopeno bit you?" "was it a HUGE jalopeno or a GIANT one, or what word do you want to use there?"

Then we both draw an illustration. She isn't ready to work on one collaboratively yet, she totally wants to do it herself! I talk aloud while I draw to model the process for her.

Soon I will begin asking her to help me writing the letters she knows, especially at the beginnings of words. Right now that is too much for her, but she is definitely getting close!

The important thing is to make it fun. Too much "teachiness" turns it into a chore, so I work to keep the activity fast-paced and catered to her interest at the time. It's a "mini lesson" of sorts.

We always go back and read what we've already written before adding a new sentence. That helps build fluency for her and also starts building a connection between how words look and sound, as I point to the words as I read them. We usually also make sure to write the title at the top first thing, but we totally spaced that today, so this one is a bad example. :)

We give our stories to family members as a way of "publishing" them. Q loves to see her stories hanging up at family members' houses! and they are good sports to indulge her.
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