Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who is at school today? Poster

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To go with our "school" unit, we made a poster to show who is at Quinn's school. We started by taking a picture of each of her babies (I limited it to her 5 favorite and also her). Then I wrote out each one's name on a sentence strip.
Q helped with this by telling me each baby's first letter, and she wrote her own first letter. Then I had her match the names to the printed photos and glue the photos on the strips.

I laminated the sentence strip names. We made a poster that says, "Who is at school today?" and I printed a picture of a little bus that Q colored (not that nicely since she was in a bit of a tooty mood at the time...).

We then put velcro on the sign and on the name backs.

During circle time, we go down the row and put up names of who is at school.

Q practices:
-talking about/recognizing the first letter of names
-following sequence--we always go down the row in the order the babies are seated and do a lot of talking about first, second, third, etc.
-matching velcro pieces (which is actually a lot harder for kiddos than you'd think. My first graders often still struggled with it!)
-completing the chart in order--not skipping any spots when adding names
-learning to work with a simple graph--believe it or not, Q is learning some very basic graphing skills--Graphs have titles, graphs record information, when adding information to a graph you don't skip any spots, etc.
-counting--we count how many friends are on the chart and write the number on the chalkboard.
-letter writing--I've started inviting Q to write each baby's first letter--I model or use hand-over-hand assistance to help her.

We sing:
Honey's at school today,
Honey's at school today,
Hip-hip-hip hurray,
Honey's at school today!
(tune= Farmer in the Dell)

This activity promotes so many great skills--math (counting and graphing) and prereading (recognizing letters, point at the title of the graph), most importantly!

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