Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter stringing work

These plastic beads came from Lakeshore. The string is a stiff cord that came with the letter beads. I love these particular beads because they are the actual shape of the letters--so little fingers can "feel" the characteristics of various letters.

Sometimes Q just strings letters randomly. When I work with her we make names of people we know or we string the first letters of all our family members.

She knows the key words of almost all her letters, now I am stating the letter's name for her as we come across it and she is really soaking this up. I believe that letter skills should be taught as children express interest. That time period may vary depending on the child. Q is VERY interested in letters right now, so we are taking advantage of this to answer questions she asks about letters, point out letters in her environment, name letters for her, and make letter learning into a kind of game.
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