Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feltboard Story

I got these pictures out of a teaching book I have--they are supposed to be part of a color sheet that goes along with a story. Not a huge fan of color pages....a few here and there do teach fine motor control with a crayon, but they're usually overdone. So, anytime I can, I try to think of an alternate use.

I colored the pictures, cut them out and glued them onto a sheet of felt, then cut again. Then I used them to tell Quinn the story. I chose this particular story because it includes goats, which we've been talking about quite a bit lately since focusing on the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Gus Goat woke up grumpy. When Granny Goat said, "Good Morning," Gus grunted at her. When Greta Goose said, "Good Morning," Gus just grunted. When Greta's goslings all said, "Good Morning, Gus," all he could do is grunt. Finally Granny Goat said, "I know what is wrong! Gus Goat is hungry!" The goslings shared some green grapes with Gus and he felt better already!

Quinn LOVES the story--she loves putting the pieces on the board as I tell it, and she loves to try to tell it herself, with a little help from me.

This activity teaches listening comprehension, the elements of a story (characters, setting, problem, solution), direction following, and dramatic play.

You could go to Word or Google images to find pictures of goats and a goose and goslings if you want this for your own feltboard play. Or you could raid your own coloring books to find a story to make up for your child!

Older children could make up their own story, draw or color their own pieces, and glue them onto felt themselves!
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