Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bible Study Time

One thing my little one does not do well is play independently without making repeated trips to show/tell Mommy things. Normally this is not a big deal, but when I want to read my Bible, it's near impossible with constant interruptions. So I had taken to doing my reading during naptime. Lately I've decided that I want my little ones to SEE me reading my Bible, so I began to think about how I could create a quiet time when they are awake. Q's Aunt Lynda gave her 3 great Bible story books on Monday, and that got me started thinking about how to create a Bible Study time for both of us!!

I gathered all the Bible Story books and children's Bibles we had in one basket we call the "Bible Study Basket." I also put a couple manipulatives in--a little Moses doll we made and some creation felt pieces.

Each morning (or as often as we can) after breakfast (which in this house is 10:30ish) we sit down for Bible study. I do my reading, Q reads from her books...and she knows she isn't allowed to talk to Mommy. When she tries, I just put my hand up and don't make eye contact. Initially I explained that I need to concentrate when I read God's word so I can put it in my heart. Now I just use the hand up to indicate it's not a talking time.

Some days she stays engaged with her Bible study books the entire time. Other days she will read them for a bit and then wander into her playroom for a bit, wander back to the living room where "Bible Study" occurs, but she has done well so far keeping quiet. I am pleased that she is spending some time in her own level of God's word each day, and also that she sees me making reading a priority. After I finish reading we sing two songs together--one I choose and one she chooses. Then we practice our memory verse. We do all this with her on my lap--so she gets some good lap time as we sing and recite.

I want to collect a few more items for the basket such as some more Bible story books and maybe some type of coloring book about Bible stories...I'm still refining this time and what I want to include in her basket.

Also, I don't allow her to use the materials in the Bible Study basket any time other than Bible Study to keep them exciting and special!
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