Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter Match/Memory

I made a simple memory game using the letters Quinn is still working to name. I didn't include all the letters because that would be too many pieces for her attention span and also because she already knows them.

I bought these round wooden discs at Hobby Lobby very cheaply using the great ole 40% off coupon. The letters are felt stickers from Hobby Lobby, as well. I made two of each letter (using the same colors).

To begin with we just practice finding matches with all the letters face-up.

Next we play Memory by turning them all over.

This game promotes concentration, memory, letter awareness, strategy development, and an awareness of letter features.

You could use any type of stickers or even write on the discs with markers.

This game could be modified to practice shapes, colors, words, or any other skill just by changing what is put on the wooden disc.
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