Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toilet paper flower stamping

To go along with our flower study, we decided to stamp some flowers today using toilet paper tubes.

1) cut a toilet paper tube in half
2) set out two colors of paint
3) dip tube in one color of paint and stamp center of flower
4) dip tube in other color and stamp circles around the center to form petals
5) tear a strip of green paper for a stem
6) cut or tear leaves to glue onto stem

We made flowers together, then we each made our own. Hers looked nothing like a flower, but I had to remind myself....PROCESS over PRODUCT. She loved pressing the tube down to make circles and it was great wrist control practice, as you have to hold your wrist just right to get the tube flat enough to print the whole circle. FABULOUS practice for soon-to-be writers!

This activity could have so many different would be adorable to do a big sheet of tissue or craft paper to turn into wrapping paper!!

We taped our finished flowers (after I cut them out) onto the playroom wall to make a pretty garden!!

Infants--you could hold their hand and help them make the prints.
Preschoolers--what else can they create with their circles? Caterpillars? Cats? Houses? Spaceships?
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