Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Apple Matching Work

This activity came from my first grade files. That's why it looks a little old and is! :)

To make this work I stamped apples randomly on a piece of paper. This is the paper that had the least amount of stamps on it, so I chose it for Q to start working with first. For my 1st graders I had different sheets with different numbers of stamps (and different types of stamps....some have cats, some have turtles, etc.).

The task is to put one manipulative on each stamp. I had a different manipulative that went with each paper--buttons, unifix cubes, pennies, beans, pastas, etc.

For my first graders, after they put one manipulative on each stamp, they would then remove them one at a time and count the number of stamps.

For Q, the task right now is just to cover each stamp with an "apple." She is learning one-to-one correspondance and the very earliest fundamentals of counting--real counting--not rote memorization, but what it really means to count a quantity.
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