Thursday, May 19, 2011

a spiritual one....

Yesterday I was stressing over something having to do with my kiddo. During my quiet time with God I was reading through a packet from a recent conference and came across the following excerpt from the book Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.

Entrust your Loved Ones to ME; release them into My protective care. They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands. If you let a loved one become an idol in your heart, you endanger that one--as well as yourself. Remember the extreme measures I used with Abraham and Isaac. I took Isaac to the very point of death to free Abraham from son-worship. Both Abraham and Isaac suffered terribly because of the father's undisciplined emotions. I detest idolatry, even in the form of parental love.

When you release loved ones to Me, you are free to cling to My hand. As you entrust others into My care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My Presence will go with them wherever they go, and I will give them rest. This same Presence stays with you, as you relax and place your trust in me. Watch to see what I will do.

Genesis 2: 9-12, Eph 3:20, Ex 33:14

This surely spoke to me. I bolded/italicized the portions I underlined on my paper as I read the passage....
I don't think there is a whole lot more to say....the passage pretty well covers this topic, but I wanted to post this because I think at this season of life I (and many of my friends) are in, it's very easy to forget God calls us to discipline our emotions and love Him most of all, and that ANYTHING we put before Him in our hearts is an idol--and I know I've put my child in front of Him when I let worry regarding that child overtake my trust in God.