Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stamping Work

Stamping work is a wonderful fine motor skill that promotes wrist strength.

Q has a set of large foam shapes (practices shape vocabulary), and at a recent trip to Lakeshore I bought her a large stamp pad. She has really been enjoying stamping on paper!

Stamping also promotes responsibility, because I talk to Q about the need to put the lid on her stamp pad because if it dries out, she won't be able to use it anymore. She understands what this means because we had to (sadly to her) throw away some playdough because the lid didn't get put on all the way and it dried out. So Q is getting some practice in responsibility with taking care of her supplies!

Different sizes of stamps and stamp pads are available for different ages.

Infants enjoy using objects as stamps to stamp paint onto paper. Ie: dipping a toilet paper tube in paint and then pressing it onto paper.

Preschoolers can even make their own stamps by cutting foam shapes and gluing them onto large pieces of dowel rods (tutorial to come).
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