Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puzzle work

Q got this geometric shape set for Christmas and I just put it out this week. She is loving it! Each board (it comes with many but I only put out 2 for now) has different pictures with spaces for filling in the missing shapes (of which I only put out a few---not all). She is really doing well manipulating the pieces--turning them to make them fit. I often have to remind her her--we sing, "turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it till it fits!" to the jeopardy tune.

I name the pieces she doesn't yet know for her as she works with them (rectangle and oval) and ask her the names of the shapes she does know!

The pieces can later be used for building freeform designs when she gets a little older!

shape awareness, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, one-to-one correspondance, vocabulary, fine motor
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