Monday, December 10, 2012

Making Angels

Each day we are adding something to our nativity in the playroom.  We have a wooden set that a super sweet and thoughtful and wonderful (I could go on) friend gifted us with that we are using.  When it came time to add angels, we wanted to make some!  I let Q use the gluegun for the first time ever.  Of course she burned herself (minor...) and I knew she would, but she has to learn things for I watched closely and she did great.  We used scraps from the scrap bin and clothespins, glitter glue and gold beads. 

Here are the finished projects.  I am not a fan of the neon yellow halos (Q calls them "haybales") but that's what she chose. 

We'll hang them over the shepherds where they can glorify God!
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