Monday, December 10, 2012

Growing nativity (creche)

Here is our little nativity.  We have a wooden piano bench covered in burlap.  I used the wooden stable (made from scraps several years back) and each day we add something new.  We've added a path to the stable, a manger (Q calls it a feed box), shepherds and sheep (we made a hill by putting a wooden bowl under the burlap), a star (a gift from St. Nicholas to Quinn), and some hay.  We are also behind on adding swaddling clothes...we keep forgetting.  We also have angels made and ready for hanging.  We try to have a little talk about each of the elements and how they relate to the story.  I have a great little Christmas Novena book that breaks down each element that I am loosely using (my kids are a little too young for it but we are adapting some things) and I'll post about that soon. The kids are allowed to touch and play with the nativity. Beck hammers and rearranges the rocks and carries around the sheep.  :)
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