Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2nd week of Advent

We added our second candle this week--the candle of preparation.  We talked about how we are getting our hearts ready to welcome Jesus--as Immanuel--God with us, and also to welcome Jesus at the second coming.  Quinn wrote "prepare" on her little chalkboard.  She is learning a lot about placement--how you have to think about how many letters are in a word and determine how big/small to print. 

Sidenote, this little jar of chalks is a great early writing tool.  Tiny writing implements force the writer to use the correct grasp, so it's great to offer crayon nibs, small chalk pieces, small pastels, little bitty colored pencils, etc.  We also use some little tiny sponge pieces that we moisten as erasers.  All of these items encourage great fine motor skills. 
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