Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Opening/Closing work

Our little man has discovered his fine motor skills--he wants to open and close everything he can find!  I made him a tray of items.  He isn't quite able to do twisting yet, but I still included two twist-off jars so I can demonstrate/teach him.  I also included the metal pot and wooden jar--both have lift-off lids which he can remove easily.  The little wooden heart box has a latch that he's working on.  The oatmeal lid requires a bit of leverage to get the lid off, so it's a challenge for him, too.  So he has a nice mix of easy and challenging lids.  Sometimes he works by himself with these items, other times I sit and work with him.  We like to hide things in the jars when we play together!

His big sister likes to incorporate the containers in her pretend play.  Usually they become some type of medicine for animals or babies.  :)
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