Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet our Hens!

Meet Zoomba, Daisy and Cupcake, our fine hens!
Cupcake is the best layer.  If you look closely you can see an egg under her!

We feed our chickens cracked corn, but it has to be kept up high because little brothers also like to eat it!  Only comes down at mealtimes. 
We're doing a fall harvest study in our Kitchen School, so we've set up our playroom to be a barn.  The pictures above are the chicken coops.  I made the chickens out of scrap felt and a chicken tutorial I found online.  They are stuffed with a couple cups of dried rice to give them a nice weightyness, and then fiberfill pulled out of an old pillow we're no longer using.  Their roosting boxes are baskets I collected from around the house.  I raided my wrapping paper box and got the raffia for "hay."  Daddy gave us some scrapwood to put the names on each roosting box.  There's been lots of pretend play with the hens!