Monday, October 22, 2012

More farm work

I have been having lots of fun working on creating a "harvesty" playspace for a 4 and 1 year old....something that meets both their interests and stretches both of them developmentally.  Here are some items geared more for Beck.  He has a shelf that we keep mostly his work on, though of course Q is welcome to use it and he uses work on her shelf.  We put stuff we really don't want him into up high on her shelf, though there aren't many items we keep him out of.  We're more of the mind that we can teach him how to use things correctly and then we won't have to keep everything away. 

Here is a basket of baby farm books:

These farm animals all make sounds when you squeeze them.

The tractor basket. (several tractors borrowed)

A borrowed tractor book:

This is the stable from my nativity set repurposed for farm play.  Also a set of bigger foamy animals borrowed from a friend and a farm PeekABoo book.  Beck loves the peekaboo series!
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