Monday, October 22, 2012

Farm Work

To go along with our fall harvest/farm study, I borrowed a play barn and some farm blocks.  I had to really resist buying a nice wooden farm set, but I did and instead borrowed a plastic one from a friend.  I also borrowed the block set--the blocks are a wooden Melissa and Doug set.  Q really likes them and plays with them a ton!  The fence part is everyone's favorite....
Beck likes the farm blocks, too. 

I took a few pieces out from a puzzle we have.  I put some farm animals in a basket and we use them for singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm."  We take turns drawing out an animal and then singing about it.  Q also likes to match these puzzle piece animals with a set of plastic animals we have--she puts the cow on the cow, etc.  Beck just likes to chew on them.  :)

These are pictures from our various units so far--veggies, tractors, and farm animals.  Beck in particular loves the photo cards.  He loves pulling them down, looking at them and then trying to put them back up again.  So I do spend lots of time re-taping, but that's okay.  :)  These are pics I printed and laminated. 
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