Monday, March 21, 2011


We made snakes for St. Patrick's Day, even though I didn't yet explain to my little one the legend of St. Patrick and the snakes....I think she will be ready to enjoy it next year. For this year we just had fun making snakes!

First I cut out a large circle from white paper.

I let Q pick two colors of paint (more colors tends to mix all together and make brown). She painted her circle. I worked with her on the concept of covering ALL the paper with paint so no white shows. This is an important skill that is necessary for many art projects to look good.....and a beginning artistic concept.

Then I cut the circle in a spiral shape to make the "snake."

We glued on googly eyes and made a pink paper tongue to add.

Q loves her snakes and we hung them in our dining room next to our Happy St. Patrick's Day sign!

For Infants--make several smaller, bright colored snakes (maybe each snake a different solid color) and hang from a mobile for them to watch. You could also cut fabric, felt or foam the same way, which would be more durable for little hands to hold!

For preschoolers--get a snake book (library!) and let them choose a particular species of snake to replicate. In that case you may want to cut the white paper into the snake shape first, and then let them paint! You could also orally tell or find a book with the story of St. Patrick and the snakes to share with your children.
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